• Untamed White

    This dry white wine is smooth enough to sit and sip, but also tart and bracing enough to be called “Untamed”.  Pairs extremely well with any seafood dish.
  • Chardonnay

    Light, fruity, zing, zesty! Taste the Chardonnay fruit not hidden by oak.
  • Chardonnay-Barrel Born

    100% small barrel fermented.  Buttery Chardonnay taste balanced perfectly with the flavor of oak.
  • Riesling-Semi-Dry

    Classic Finger Lakes Riesling.  Fruity, full bodied, smooth and refreshing.  Good to sip or good with your favorite food.
  • Riesling-Semi-Sweet

    (Blue bottle) Light and fruity with hints of citrus. Great for sipping or sharing with friends!
  • Sunlight White

    Semi-sweet Niagara grape blend.  Light, bright and fresh tastes shine through like sunshine on a field of daisies!
  • Wildcat

    This sweet Rose’ is smooth and soft as wildcat steps in the woods, but also well equipped to deliver an “in your face” grape taste! Great for picnics in the wild!
  • Sweet Sunset

    Grapey, sweet and easy to appreciate! Great for enjoying the end of the day or hot tub time.
  • Sweet Little Blonde

    She’s sweet…And she’s blonde.  She’s a Sweet Little Blonde! Thick and grapey native grape blend.  Try over ice!
  • Black Dog

    Let this dog hunt!  Semi-dry red, fruity, smooth, and full flavored.  Pairs well with everyday food or is willing to run alone!
  • Untamed Red

    This dry red is overflowing with untamed flavor! Untamed? Maybe, but this red will accompany a steak very well.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon

    Dry Spicy.  Oakey. Bigger. Better. Tastes so bold it borders on Arrogance!
  • Merlot

    This classic dry red Merlot brims with the taste of bight red cherry fruit. Smooth, with a mouth filling finish.

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